Enterprise & Institution

i-World Networks Enterprise Internet service is a Dedicated Internet Service designed and optimized for a critical business mission for any bandwidth capacity.

We combine world-class customers service support, alternative technology and innovation to provide dedicated fixed broadband Internet service at 99.0 % SLA backed uptime for;

  • Business Enterprises
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Education Institutions (Campus Network Infrastructure)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Institution & NGO’s
  • Manufacturing Industries

See how we use technology to provide high availability, low cost and most reliable internet service for your business in Nigeria.

Renewable Energy Technology ‒ We use renewable energy to power 85% of our infrastructure to reduce our cost of operation and scale it to our customers to provide the best pricing in the market and connecting the underserved market in Nigeria.

Face to your service– With our 24/7/365 online and onsite support, remote local offices, we are putting a face to your service to ensure that your business or organization get help fast when you need it

Multiple Fibre Upstream– We use multiple Fibre upstream to create a self-healing redundancy to give you maximum uptime and service availability

Up to 30% Incremental -annual bandwidth capacity upgrade with no price increase when you automatic renew your contract with us

No Equipment and Installation Cost – What you buy from us is Internet service and that is what you should pay for.

  • Do you need Internet Service for Critical Business Mission?
  • Is your company, organization or Institution overpaying for Internet Service?
  • Do you wait for days before you get urgent needed technical support?
  • Do you need an End-to-End Support for your Internet and Internal distribution network?

Up to 155Mbps Speed Available

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